Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Steam Rooms – Continuing an Ancient Tradition

Steam rooms are generally reckoned to originate in Ancient Rome. The Romans combined their sophisticated technology and love of luxury to create rooms not too different from today’s spas. They loved the soothing muscle-relaxing properties of steam rooms.

Many of these old steam rooms can still be seen in Bath. Much like today, people socialised in these baths, discussed business and generally chilled out.

Here at Vi Spa, we’re proud to carry on that tradition. We bring the gentle warmth of steam and that deep sense of wellbeing to new generations of spa enthusiasts. We’re building modern steam rooms to the highest specifications with a proactive approach to construction methods.

We can tailor your commercial or domestic steam room to your precise requirements. Backed by our expert advice, you get to choose the fine details, including tiles, walls, finishes, lighting and entertainment systems.

Pick from a wide choice of ceramic/mosaic tiles. Or how about fibre-optic lighting, water features, crystal features or even an ice fountain for a truly individual steam-room experience?
Once you’ve chosen all this, our 3D virtual design service can show you exactly how the room will look before we build it.

When we come to build your spa, you can rely on our quality workmanship, outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

Why not check out our gallery and see why domestic and commercial clients such as architects, planners and designers come to us time and again for our craftsmanship and innovation?