Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Sauna refurbishment – why buy new?

Sauna refurbishment is getting ever more popular. And why not? Why buy new when a refurbishment can make your sauna look like new for a fraction of the cost? Here at Vi-Spa, we’ve refurbished hundreds of saunas.

Sauna refurbishment

What do we recommend? If your sauna is next to a pool, we suggest refurbishing benches around four yeas after installation. We’ll clean the bench supports, because the chlorine in the water can damage them. After six years or so, it’s probably time to think about a complete sauna-cabin refurbishment.

Almost any sauna that’s less than ten years old can be refurbished so that it looks like new for little more than half the cost. We’ll remove visible signs of ageing so that it’s hard to tell you’ve not replaced the cabin.

Provided the sauna structure is sound, we can repair exposed elements, charred boards, or water-damaged boards.

Typically, we’ll overboard the ceiling and walls in tongue-and-groove, sticking to your existing layout. It makes sense to replace the bench system as you reline. We’ll generally re-use the door and the electrics, but they can be replaced if necessary.

We can jazz up your sauna with new lighting and rework it to change from a free-standing stove system to a behind-bench heating system.

If you need a price, we can offer a site visit, or we can work from photographs. However, you play it, we’ll ensure your sauna looks like new and has the optimal design for its location.

Want more information on sauna refurbishment?

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