Monday, September 19th, 2016

Low blood pressure? You need a bio sauna

bio sauna

A bio sauna could be for you if you suffer from low blood pressure, varicose veins or fragile capillaries, or if you’re simply not comfortable in high temperatures.

The bio sauna is today’s equivalent of the old-style Finnish sauna. Humidity is relatively high at around 60%, but there’s a much gentler maximum temperature of about 50/60°C.

Although they’re not for the pregnant or those with heart or kidney issues, bio saunas offer a much softer and relaxing environment than a traditional sauna. In a bio sauna, you’ll still sweat, but far less profusely. You might also find that the experience is enhanced with essential oils, dried herbs, Himalayan salt and colour therapy.

The benefits of a Bio Sauna

The benefit is that you can stay for longer. All the time, you’ll be perspiring and bringing toxins to the surface to be washed away, deep-cleansing your skin and guarding against infections or illness.

A bio sauna can also help your respiratory system, especially with essential oils infused in the air. Simply set your preferred temperature and the built-in vaporiser will create the perfect balance between heat and humidity.

You’ll get the same health benefits as with a traditional sauna, because the increased humidity ensures you still perspire in the lower temperatures. You’ll enjoy pain relief, easier breathing for asthmatics, and detoxification.

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