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  • Steam Rooms – Continuing an Ancient Tradition

    9th February 2017 Steam rooms are generally reckoned to originate in Ancient Rome. The Romans combined their sophisticated technology and love of luxury to create rooms not too different from today’s spas. They loved the soothing muscle-relaxing properties of steam rooms.Many of these old steam rooms can still be seen in Bath. Much like today, people socialised in ... Read more
  • Steam rooms: what are the health benefits?

    15th December 2016 There are plenty of benefits to steam rooms, and millions of people improve their health and wellbeing every year with steam therapy. You’ll typically find steam rooms in gyms and spas, but people are increasingly starting to install them at home. Thanks to Vi-Spa’s experts, you can now enjoy the benefits of steam rooms at home. The ... Read more
  • Sauna refurbishment – why buy new?

    19th October 2016 Sauna refurbishment is getting ever more popular. And why not? Why buy new when a refurbishment can make your sauna look like new for a fraction of the cost? Here at Vi-Spa, we’ve refurbished hundreds of saunas.What do we recommend? If your sauna is next to a pool, we suggest refurbishing benches around four yeas ... Read more
  • Low blood pressure? You need a bio sauna

    19th September 2016 A bio sauna could be for you if you suffer from low blood pressure, varicose veins or fragile capillaries, or if you’re simply not comfortable in high temperatures. The bio sauna is today’s equivalent of the old-style Finnish sauna… Read more